Research within the ESPI group’s campuses brings together some thirty PhD researchers in economics, finance, management, law, geography, urban planning, sociology, and architecture. The main scientific goal of our research unit is to question the real estate value chain as a whole in order to understand the main issues that emerge in the production and management of real property.

The ESPI2R laboratory:
the first French research unit specifically dedicated to real estate issues

Research conducted by our teams aims at explaining the cyclical crises of the markets, the changing organization of real estate actors and the emergence of new transactional practices associated with digital uses and international financialization of the sector. Our researchers also analyze the growing shortage of land affecting development and construction and the new environmental imperatives that now govern the production of buildings in urban and rural areas, such as the European “zero net land take” policy. Moreover, ESPI researchers question the underlying social and political trends that are shaping the overall evolution of the real estate sector. They highlight the new standards established by urban planning documents and real estate regulations, as well as the representations and expectations of the population in terms of housing and activities. As a result, the ESPI research laboratory strives to model the evolution of the markets to ensure that future regional planning truly integrates a desirable real estate offer.

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The ESPI2R laboratory leads or accompanies various research programs in which it is positioned at the interface between academic research and real estate operators. The expertise of our researchers allows us to shed light on socio-economic and environmental changes occurring in cities and markets through studies and reports on Smart cities, or the contribution of blockchain in the real estate sector, or the analysis of the weight of biodiversity in the formation of housing prices through a hedonic price approach.

Publications of the ESPI2R research teams are to be found in referenced scientific journals and are gathered on HAL-SHS or ORCID indexation sites. Scientific activities and applied productions, including study reports and proceedings of conferences and study days, are also released on different channels such as the Cahiers ESPI2R website and the ESPI2R scientific blog.

Read our publications (in French) under the Cahiers ESPI2R and the scientific blog of the ESPI2R laboratory

In close cooperation with the Scientific and Development Council of the group, the ESPI2R laboratory also has an applicative aim. Our research teams can carry out applied studies or deliver conferences for a general audience to transmit knowledge and scientific results on behalf of the operational actors of real estate.


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