Professionnal Master’s Degree


The Groupe ESPI Professional Master’s Degree is a 2-year professional program for students who have completed a level 6 qualification.
All of our specialisations are listed in the Eduniversal ranking as being among the best Master’s, MS and MBA programs, based on criteria such as program reputation, job opportunities, first job salaries and student satisfaction.
Our five Professional Master’s specialisations, State-recognised level 7 and school diploma qualifications, are highly reputed and ranked among the best in their category, with a focus on top-level, professional training.

Registered with the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles

Students who have completed 3 or 4 years of higher education in any subject


The Groupe ESPI teaching team is made up of more than 220 experts from all the professions associated with the real estate sector. As well as having trained at universities or “Grandes Écoles”, our team is able to pass on the benefits of their experience to students whether relating to companies, the reality of practice, day-to-day strategic planning, actions or individual research.

This teaching approach, delivered by top-level business professionals, ensures that students begin their professional careers under the best possible conditions.

Groupe ESPI’s defining feature is its recognition of the integral relationship between the transmission of theoretical knowledge – providing the essential foundation for career development – and active training, ensuring students can find employment immediately after completing their studies, thus saving time, because they have already gained practical experience.
The quality of a higher education institution also depends on its capacity to promote a cooperative working and research approach.