CONFÉRENCE | Comment travaille un promoteur immobilier à Chicago ? Découvrez le retour d’expérience de Sean Lyons !

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Conférence “Comment travaille un promoteur immobilier à Chicago ?”

Etudiants en 1ère et 2ème années de Mastère Professionnel spécialisation MAPI, découvrez le retour d’expérience de Sean Lyons, promoteur chicagoan, lors d’une conférence 100% en anglais. Rendez-vous ce jeudi 10 février 2022, de 17h30 à 19h30, sur Teams.



After graduating from Boston College and deciding I wanted to pursue a career in Sales, I made one singular decision. If I was going to be in Sales, I might as well try to sell the biggest thing I can.  That led me directly into the Commercial Real Estate industry.

I learned the business by working at a large National Firm for over a decade. That experience taught me I was truly wired to be an Entrepreneur and build my own company. Today, I am one of the Founders of two different real estate firms. Triad Real Estate Partners brokers the sale of large Multifamily and Student Housing assets all over the country. Jackson Dearborn Partners is a development firm where we build Multifamily housing, largely in Opportunity Zones based on growth markets.

To date at Triad, we have completed $6.8 Billion in real estate valuations with over $1 Billion in closings. Since 2017 at Jackson Dearborn Partners, we have made over $200M in acquisitions and eleven development projects totaling over $650M in total capitalization.

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